The Des Moines Register Article on Nonna's Pasta Sauce

The Des Moines Register Article on Nonna's Pasta Sauce

"The operation may be outgrowing the kitchen she had built in the basement of her house" the opening lines of a Des Moines Register article states.

Maureen launched what's now known as Nonna's Pasta Sauce in September of 1992.  She continued to grow the business and expand her customer base through the year and in 1993.  It is safe to say that Maureen did a great job, because Richard Brack, a Business Writer for the Des Moines Register wrote a feature article on her and Nonna's Pasta Sauce. 

"As the owner, President and only full-time employee of [Nonna's] Pasta Sauce, Inc., she has learned a lot over the past several months.  She had to find out where to buy containers suitable for packaging the frozen sauce, how to go about getting a uniform product code number so the sauce's price could be scanned at supermarket checkouts and where to get the sauce tested for fat content and calories so the nutrition information could be included on the label." writes Brack.

These are only some of the requirements that it takes to successfully and legally open a business that sells any kind of food in the US. 

The article goes on to explain how Maureen came up with the idea to turn her years of cooking Pasta Sauce into a business reality, and the first stores that Maureen was able to get her Pasta Sauce sold at.

Brack wrote the article in the Small Business section of the Des Moines Register on September 20th, 1993.

You can read the full Des Moines Register article in PDF format, here.