Who is Nonna?

Nonna, an Italian word which translates to Grandmother in English, refers to Maureen Graziano who is our President, Dominic's, grandmother.

Maureen (Graziano) was born October 6th 1947 in Des Moines.  Her father, Maurice Graziano was a prominent individual to the Italian Community on the south side of Des Moines all of his life. She went on to have several marriages, and two children, Mike and Joe.  She also had one grandson, Dominic.

Maureen spent many working in the Graziano family grocery store on the south side of Des Moines – Graziano Brothers.  Maureen also produced and sold Graziano's Pasta Sauce, now known as Nonna's Pasta Sauce, for several years out of her home, something she was very proud of.

You could have guessed it, Maureen always enjoyed cooking, especially Sunday evening dinner for her family every week.  She was also a big Coca-Cola fan.  Anyone who knew Maureen knows that she was a dog lover, but not just a dog lover, an animal lover and was always an activist for animal rights.

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