Tomato Rewards Program

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and level up to earn exciting rewards! Plus, it's free!

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How It Works

For every dollar spent at Nonna's Pasta Sauce you'll earn points, or Tomatoes, that you can redeem for coupons, free shipping, or even free products! You even access special offers as you reach new levels within our Rewards Program.

Rewards Levels

We have three levels within our Rewards Program. Everyone begins at the Seed level and will automatically level up based on your lifetime Tomato point values.


Level 1

0-199 Tomatoes

X1 Multiplier:
$1 = 2 Tomatoes


Level 2

200-399 Tomatoes

X2 Multiplier:
$1 = 4 Tomatoes


Level 3

400+ Tomatoes

X3 Multiplier:
$1 = 6 Tomatoes

Ways to Earn Tomatoes

Activity Tomatoes Earned
Signing Up / Creating an Account 20 Tomatoes
Placing an Order 2, 4, or 6 Tomatoes
(based on Reward Level)
Birthday 40 Tomatoes
Anniversary 25 Tomatoes
Refer a Friend Program 50 Tomatoes For You & Your Friend
($25 each)

Ways to Redeem / Spend Tomatoes

Reward Tomatoes Needed Required Level
$5 Coupon
or Free Shipping
50 Tomatoes Any Level
$10 Coupon 100 Tomatoes Any Level
$20 Coupon
or Free Product
200 Tomatoes Plant Level

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